Thursday, 23 August 2012

garden party

A dress for a Summer Fête (or maybe to harvest I'm doing here...)
Originally I had planned orange horizontal stripes on the skirt, but I dropped them in favour of the navy grosgrain belt. 
I couldn't let go of the orange stripe completely, so I incorporated a flirty orange hem on the inside of the skirt - just enough to peak out as I walk, but not an obvious stripe.  It also saved me an extra centimetre in length, since I cut the skirt shorter than intended.  (Also a handy trick for when the main fabric is in short supply.)
The grosgrain ribbon belt is a tie from an old pair of shorts.  I cut off the leather ends and added a hook and eye closure.
These three pleats on each hip are in place of gathers.  I like the effect, the skirt is very light and the pleats unfold ever so slightly with the wind as you walk.

Now to find the party...!

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