Friday, 21 September 2012

spots & stripes

"Spots & Stripes" - Tessuti 2012 Competition entry
I was delighted to read that Tessuti Fabrics' 2012 sewing competition was open to worldwide participants! I'd been aching to be part of a Project Runway-type challenge, and year's Tessuti theme "spots and stripes" was a real brain cruncher because of the endless possibilities (spots or stripes or both?)...
 The brief was for a dress "suitable for a day event e.g. an outdoor wedding or day at the races." In the end I decided on a floaty silk georgette dress with matching black satin waistband and hem bands on the main fabric and lining - a nod to "stripes".

 As I mention in my entry, I'm a little embarassed by the grainy photos and by my whingy sounding comment about running out of time...  I was bug eyed and loopy after sewing like a mad woman that day-- and then -- the "I didn't study for the exam" type panic that evening when I realised the deadline was about 12 hours sooner than I thought (another shout out to my mom for the last minute midnight photo shoot!)  Regardless of the result , it was great take part in this fun competition in the other side of the world (isn't The Interweb grand?!)

 Some close up details...
My favourite suprise about the dress is the springy-ness that the satin band gives the skirt, sewn to the bottom of the georgette, and the sense of motion when the dress moves thanks to two black bands moving against eachother. 

If I make this dress again, I might add a little more gathering to the top, or maybe a second layer of georgette. 
If you haven't already been to the website, there is an enormous amount of talent in this competition and it's so much fun to see how different people interpreted the theme.  See for yourself, here.
I'd love to know if there are more competitions like this out there, maybe you know of some? Have a great week-end, everyone!

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