Friday, 12 October 2012

a little something, something

Bows = JOY
Or, not one bow-but TWO!  This autumn I fell in love with the bow tops I've been seeing in magazines and on Pinterest, and have been itching to make one for myself.  I'm also not the first blogger/seamstress to express my love of the bow -  whimsical but understated, chic but not too serious, a little bit sexy, a little bit demure.  I had to make my own.  Here it is...
I also love sewing projects where you get to make design decisions throughout the process - when you have an idea in mind, but you have to wait to manipuate the actual fabric to decide which effect works best.  Something you can't always see in a toile.  In this case, I didn't know if the bows would end up poofy or square, or layered or ribbons (one of each, please!)... in the end I decided on these narrow flat strips cut on the bias, with a short tail peeking out the back.  I also omitted a tie, so they are more like figure-eight folds.
I did toile up the basic construction, to make sure it would stay up.  Using a block, I measured the outer circumference of my back and shoulders from the front of my left arm scythe, or arm hole, to the front of the right. 
Then i cut out a strip from the centre back of the pattern, about 15cm or so in length, and inserted a piece of elastic which was slightly smaller, so that it would help hold the top up and expand with my arm movement. 
Also worth mentioning that to let the front exterior shell hang freely and maintain a clean edge, I added interfacing only to the inside of the top band (the side that's hidden).
And of course, a hidden hem band.  I LOVE this white fabric with black hearts...dress coming soon...
Just one last thing to figure out - how to get my winter coat over these arm bows...  Ah, forget practicality, I have bows!

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