Monday, 19 November 2012

When the crowd say "BOW"...*

Surprise! It's another bow...
*husband made me use the cheesy title...
Here's a project I made a few years back when I was tiptoeing into do-it-yourself patterns.  It's an A-line skirt with two pleated rectangles sewn together to make ----- 
a Giant Bow.  
The fabric is a silky soft medium weight grey wool with
yellow pinstripes - a steal of a find found in the remnant bin of a fancy shop.
The source of inspiration was a grey wool below the knee length Jill Sander skirt which I can't find a photo of now but I'm pretty sure was in an issue of Stylist, a free magazine handed out here in the UK at tube stations every Wednesday and also happens to be my midweek tonic / source of commuting sanity.
 It's an easy project with endless variations, and size of the bow certainly makes it a statement piece. I may try it on a pencil skirt next...(if I didn't have 50 other project whizzing around my head that is!) 
 Have I mentioned how much I love the colour grey?
Gosh I feel like I've only blinked and suddenly we're in the second half of November.  
 I haven't had time to sew anything new lately I have been lucky to be spending my free time taking another one of my beloved pattern drafting classes, which has been sucking all of my creative energy - in a good way! Hope to share some projects soon. 
Keep warm everyone x

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