Friday, 18 October 2013

late adopter peplum

I've been resisting the urge to make a peplum since the second they appeared, convinced that no sooner would I snip the last thread on a project that it would be sent to live in the bowels of my closet until the peplum's sartorial return in sometime around 2025...but with these skirt/top hybrids still everywhere, and not really going anywhere, I finally did what any self respecting sewing addict would do and made up for some lost time by sewing not one, but two!

Here's the first, in a Liberty print silk called Shinjuku Nights.  I spotted the fabric when walking past Our Patterned Hand in Broadway Market I couldn't get the retro style Asian city print out of my mind, turning back in an almost panicked fashion to elbow my way through throngs of hipsters buying gluten free biodynamic bread and fancy cakes to score myself a metre.  Success!  Then I couldn't stop thinking swingy asymmetrical pleated peplum...
I lined the peplum with silk georgette remnant from the dress I entered in last year's Tessuti awards.
I added another recent find to the neckline - these whimsical dress clips in the shape of small leaves.  I am also slightly obsessed with these and now feel like every new outfit needs a dress clip...
This was super fun to sew and it's even more fun to play with a new (to me) silhouette.  Man what took me so long?  Are you still on or now off of peplums? (Or, were you never even on?)

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