Monday, 22 September 2014

my wedding dress

Did anyone else catch Channel 4's "This Old Thing", hosted by vintage clothes lover and journalist Dawn O'Porter, this summer?  The show aimed to get people to try vintage instead of fast fashion, and as part of it she took vintage-phobes into their mother's / grandmother's / aunt's closets and turned dated but sentimental pieces into something new and fresh.  I was completely hooked.

My own mother has held onto a few key pieces that I've been lucky to wear through the years - the first was a LBD for a highschool formal when I was about 16 (and still wear today)!

A more recent score was for a very special day a couple of years ago...
...the dress my mother wore on my parents' wedding day - a late 60's lace shift with sunray pleats.
I need to confess that I LOVE weddings.  I've been planning mine since I, in diapers, watched on TV as Princess Diana climbed the steps of St. Paul's in her meringue confection.

My actual wedding turned out differently - we eloped on short notice with only four guests.  My mom had the foresight to bring her dress, which she found while packing, "just in case".  Luckily the only adjustment I needed was a blue velvet ribbon from John Lewis, turned into a belt.   
I did toy with making my own, but realised nights spent over my sewing maching was not the kind of stress I needed with the clock ticking.  (By the way, hats - or veils -  off to the bloggers who have pulled it off, like Selfish Seamstress, Orchids in May, Julia Bobbin, So Zo...I'm sure there are many more. I am in awe.)
My veil is by the ultra talented Myra at Twigs and Honey
You could say, sometimes the perfect frock just needs a little love.  (Sorry, couldn't resist :)
Has anyone else out there raided a family member's closet for a vintage piece?

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