Friday, 14 November 2014

Burda 3/2012

I finished the first of my planned two coats last week-end and took it for a spin on a goregous leafy autumn day in Hyde Park.  
It's Burda's Collarless Open Coat, an easy and satisfying pattern to work with.  I found the fabric for the top part of the coat in a remnant bin, for about £12.  There was less than a metre to work with, so I had to split the pattern in two. I sourced the charcoal grey wool for the bottom from my local fabric store.  With lining the whole thing cost me maybe £30 (I've seen similar collarless coats are selling in Zara for £89)
 I love having the flexibility of a centre back seam, for a relatively quick sewing project.  I was too lazy to make a muslin for this (I had to get it outside before the leaves fell!) and from experience knew the back was going to be a little wide on me - it was easy to take out another inch of fabric after sewing and then modify the pattern for the lining.
It was really the perfect autumn afternoon and we couldn't resist trying to capture the feeling on camera.  If you don't care for self-indulgent-frolicking-in-the-autumn-leaves photos, look away now...
This is one I will make again, though I might put some heavier interfacing at the centre front, to stop it from popping out a little.  Or, maybe add a hook and eye closure.  Does anyone have a sure fire solution for this?

Happy week-end and happy sewing, I am getting started on coat number two!  

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