Wednesday, 3 July 2013

lawn tennis dress

I think I've mentioned on this blog before that I'm into sporting fashion, and, even though I'm only a tennis fan by marriage, tennis my favourite kind of sport - the kind where people are interested in seeing what the athletes AND the spectators are wearing.   There are a lot of cute articles out at the minute like this one in Marie Claire, which plots the history of Wimbledon fashion -- definitely worth a read.

Every year when June rolls around my sports mad hubby's eyes start to light up at the prospect of two weeks of non-stop tennis on the TV, on the radio, at the breakfast table...   He's especially keen to get day passes on the first Saturday of Wimbledon, which requires getting up at 4am and joining The Queue, and gets you into the grounds by mid-morning.  I usually oblige because they have Pimms and prosecco and strawberries and cream I love to watch a good game of tennis.

This year I decided I had to make it a little more interesting by whipping up my own "lawn tennis dress".
I made this Burda Retro Top 07/2013, and sewed a panel of leftover fabric from my Bianco dress to the hem as a "skirt". (And a scrapbuster - yahoo!)
The only problem was, despite arriving at the club at the indecent hour we usually do, this year's Murray Mania meant The Queue for morning entry was already full!   
Entry gates to the All England Lawn Tennis Club
 So we did what any hardcore tennis fans woud do and headed to Wimbledon common with our breakfast picnic.  Actually, the day in Wimbledon was nearly as fun as being inside the tennis club.  The excitement in the village was palpable and the sun shone nonstop.  Being up and out at crazy o'clock meant we had the whole day to enjoy.
Besides, I had to take my new minidress for a spin...
About the dress - it's ultra simple, but for me the cut was perfect for the day.  I  used the Burda pattern as a starting point because I loved the retro silhouette.   Since the weather's always a toss up I had to be prepared for heat or rain, so loose short sleeves it was, and I didn't want to sit for hours in something tight. 
I used an organic white cotton that was more of an ecru colour compared to the stark white of my Bianco dress fabric, and finished the short hem with white pom pom trim.
Maybe next year it will make its debut on Centre Court!

Anyone else out there into sports for the fashion?
Go Andy!

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