Thursday, 1 August 2013

Crafty Science

Well hello there, where did July go?  I haven't had a chance to do much sewing since my lawn tennis dress, but July did end up being a bit of a crafty month -  I spent a few days pretending to be a silversmith, through a jewellery course at Morley College in London.
I had a little work window and when I saw this three day taster course it really fit the bill - I've been dying to try jewellery making for a long time.  The course was immediately hands-on and I couldn't believe it when we were using the blow torch before lunch on the first day. We learned the amazing process of turning metal to a kind of maleable putty through a process called annealing - which means firing it up and then dropping it in a "pickle" solution, which allows you to saw it into shapes, press patterns into it, roll it into rings, you name it. It was as close to alchemy as I've ever been and utterly fun and fascinating.
I walked away with a practice copper ring and a silver ring, a dangly necklace and that Matisse inspired pendent above.  I've got some ideas for this...

We also got away for a little summer adventure this month, taking the sleeper train from London to go camping in beautiful Cornwall.  
You can imagine my disappointment when the crafty campers next to us brought out strands of bunting to decorate their site - why didn't I think of this! Wish I had a photo even... Next year...  

My only sewing purchase was these two blue buttons at a lovely little craft shop called the Makers Boutique.  There were only two left, but they reminded me of the colour of the St. Ives coast and I couldn't leave them behind.

I've got a long blogroll brimming with creative summery things to catch up on and can't wait to sit down in the next few days to see what everyone's been up to.  

Until then keep cool x

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