Thursday, 21 May 2015

fabric art

I got to visit a beautiful fabric store in Basel, Switzerland a few weeks ago - Stofftraum.  I was on the look out for some Swiss dot fabric (cheesy?)  but dropped quite a few francs to take home this repeat floral cotton print.   This pictures don't do it justice but it's a mix of blues, greys, greens and golds and looks hand painted - I was very close to framing it!

I went for a simple shift dress but the big decision was with the pattern placement.  I really underestimated how the placement of a repeat pattern can change the look and feel of a dress.

When I look at the one on the left I think modern and fresh, maybe even edgy (?) while the one on the right makes me think pretty, ladylike, elegant....
It took me a long time to decide and even my hubby waded in, and my mom and sister from across the pond.
Which would you choose?

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