Sunday, 17 March 2013


Thanks everyone for your suggestions on what to do with my 2m of silly holiday inspired fabric.  In the end, I played it safe - maybe too safe...
A loose fitting blouse with sleeves just above the wrist, and black satin bands.  You know how I love my bands.
Perhaps I should have heeded longredthread's advice and gone for short sleeves.   It really is like wearing a shamrock garden.  Showing some arm would have minimised this.  

As often happens, a day after I finished, I was walking down the high street and I had a moment of clarity about what I SHOULD have done.  Short sleeves with gathers, bodice hitting just below the hip.  The good thing is that I have 1 metre left, so I can try again next year!
Or maybe not....for all my hesitation about wearing it out today, it was nothing a pint of Guinness couldn't cure.
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

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