Sunday, 24 March 2013

You had me at Elisalex...

The moment I came across Elisalex, I knew she was for me. Being named "Elise", means that as a kid I could never find my name on  mugs, buttons, name it. (I'm guessing Elisalex may have had the same issue.)  Needless to say, now grown-up, a sewing pattern that sounds like my name is a victory of sorts!  And what better way to celebrate than with the colour of my favourite condiment...
Seeing the gorgeous versions by Oonaballoona & Closet Case Files, definitely sealed the deal.
Don't look too closely or you'll notice a few sewing flaws (yep, that's you arm scythe seam).  That's because it didn't take me long to renege on my New Year's resolution of not sewing at the last minute, and I got a little sloppy.  In a bid to wear Elisalex to a party last week-end, I found myself hunched over the pattern, nursing a hangover, and sewing well into my fourth hour of Six Nation's rugby (a marriage concession).  My hubby blissfully unaware, in a few short hours we were meeting 30 friends at our local pub for his surprise birthday party, and here's me stitching like mad. 
We made it on time, Elisalex didn't.
In hindsight, I'm happy I had this week-end to spend hiding from the snow and leisurely putting on the finishing touches.  The duchess satin maybe wasn't the best choice of fabric (check out that little bit of puckering), but the colour seduced me.
The only thing I changed was to take in the sleeves using the tutorial I posted earlier (a personal preference and nothing to do with the pattern, which came together beautifully), and to take off some length, which I do with every commerical pattern, being a mere 5'4".  I maybe could have adjusted the bodice slightly to fit my frame but hey life's busy, and I don't mind the bit of shoulder.
I love what the girls at By Hand London are doing, from the edgy designs to the tongue n cheek descriptions, to the elegant packaging.  Can't wait to see what's next.  (Hopefully Elisalex 2,3,4,5,6...)

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